Voguing in Vienna is proud to present a Workshop intensive with the one and only Archie Burnett on Dec 5th in Vienna!

ARCHIE BURNETT ( NYC) Grand father of the Iconic House of Ninja will be giving two amazing Workshops in Vienna!

Vienna will have a true legend as a guest and he is willing to share his passion for Voguing and Dancing with us!

Doors open at 16:30 pm for registration!

17:00 – 18:30 Voguing Workshop
18:45 – 20:15 Hustle Workshop

Registrations: voguinginvienna@gmail.com

Prices: single class 20 Euro, both classes 35

about Archie Burnett:

Archie Burnett is the Grand father of the House of Ninja, and a true mentor to waackers and voguers around the world.
Archie Burnett is a well-respected force in the underground dance world. Over 30 years of dance in NYC’s hottest underground clubs has made his style unique, strong, and confident. He has performed and taught his craft in various parts of the world.
He is currently featured in the documentary „Check Your Body At The Door,“ chronicling the lives and lifestyles of 6 dancers. The film is produced by dance historian Dr. Sally R Sommer, who is widely recognized as a leading expert on dance in American popular culture.
He is very passionated in his dance and teaching, and very involved in the international underground dance community and is very keen on sharing his knowledge with people all around the world.