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Vienna Section CID: Filipe Löbl

19. Februar 2022

Sa., 19. Feb. | Linz

Vienna Section CID: Filipe Löbl / Marcela Lopez Morales / Cristina Cortes & Cristian Taffarello

On-site and Online Event Vienna Section CID for the Austrian dance community – LIVE-STREAMED


Zeit & Ort

19. Feb., 19:30
Linz, Sonnensteinstraße 11-13, 4040 Linz, Austria

Über die Veranstaltung

On-site and Online Event Vienna Section CID for the Austrian dance community

Filipe Löbl/Sense Pell

Marcela Lopez Morales/Choreographia[Inter]Austriaca

Cristina Cortes and CristianTaffarello


19 February 2022 19:30 hrs

In collaboration with RedSapata/Sonnenstein Loft and Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität.

Tickets: 21 Euros normal price/ 12 Euros students and members. 2G rules apply + FFP2 mask.

Youtube Chanel for the live streaming:




“We  are born as free individuals, or so we are made to think… we are born  in civilization, so from the beginning we are part of something bigger  than ourselves… we belong to a society that has already made choices  for us whether we know it, want it, or not.

It even feels normal for us to live in this System, because we truly believe we are living in freedom…

But  do we have a chance to even think that something might be mistaken in  our stressful lives? If we just stop and think about it, can we actually  change something?

Even  after grasping this idea, we keep on going because it seems to be the  normal thing everyone does and normal is right, isn’t it?

While  everything around us changes at a maddening speed and our consuming  society demands more and more: everything has to be faster, bigger,  better…

It  seems as if we become pieces of a machine that has to function no  matter what, in a world that shows no empathy for the individual and  their needs or wishes.

By  trying to be different we risk being rejected by said society, get  sucked back in and pay a higher price than we may have considered. How  worth is it risking safety for freedom?”

Dance company Sense Pell

Choreographer – Filip Löbl

Music – Hodei Iriarte Kaperotxipi

Dancers – Tura Gomez Coll, Lorenzo Ruta, Alessia Rizzi, Filip Löbl.



15 minutes break

„Group Piece #1: Reenactment“ by Marcela Lopez Morales This piece is a reconstruction work in collaboration with Master’s students from Anton Bruckner Private University Linz. This piece is based on the original Group Piece #1 which was created within the framework of ARTIL Project: an international residency for young choreographers, focused on cultural exchange and educational development. The creation process took place in Ukraine and its premiere was on September 9, 2019. Besides, the piece was performed in several cities in Ukraine, Austria and Poland. The piece is inspired by the second act of Giselle, specifically in the characters of the Willis, spirits of young women who have died from heartbreak. The aesthetic experience of romantic ballet is subject to strongly established rules that symbolically transmit certain norms of a social construction. However, a work like Giselle is not limited to reflecting current stereotypes, such as the alleged female hysteria, but by presenting them on stage as a plausible situation, naturalizes them and thereby contributes to their perpetuation. The theatrical stage is thus a powerful instrument of ideological diffusion. Therefore, Group Piece #1: Reenactment presents and discusses aspects such as the idea of the ethereal body and its lightness; the idea of beauty as aesthetic canons in dancer’s bodies; and femininity and woman’s clichés. Trailer:


15 minutes break


Tango Showcase with Cristina Cortes and Cristian Taffarello


Sonnenstein LOFT
Sonnensteinstraße 11-13
Linz, Oberösterrich 4040 Österreich
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